KB Artists News

September 11, 2022
Congratulations to: Micah Woods for DORA nominations garnered for - Canadian Stage's production of:  "Is God Is" Richard Alan Campbell for DORA nominations garnered for- Videocab's production of: "The Cold War:  Part One" Deborah Drakeford for DORA nominations garnered for - ARC Theatre's production of: "Gloria" Carolyn Fe for DORA nominations garnered for - Tarragon […]
February 18, 2022
The hit HBO Max/CBC hit series "Sort Of" received multiple nominations in the Canadian Screen Awards, and for Best Ensemble in the 2022 ACTRA Awards!  Congratulations to this whole creative team - including KBA client:  ELLORA PATNAIK, who plays the series lead "Raffo"! https://nowtoronto.com/movies/sort-of-leads-the-way-at-the-canadian-screen-awards-with-13-nominations https://variety.com/2022/film/global/canadian-screen-awards-nominations-2022-1235182000/ https://www.actratoronto.com/actra-awards-in-toronto/awards-nominees/
February 18, 2022
Congratulations to KBA voice client ANAND RAJARAM for his nomination in the 2022 ACTRA Awards for: Outstanding Performance – Gender Non-Conforming or Male Voice for role of "Beans" in GO DOG GO!! https://www.actratoronto.com/actra-awards-in-toronto/awards-nominees/ The series also garnered a BEST ANIMATION SERIES nomination for the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards!! https://www.cartoonbrew.com/awards/canadian-screen-awards-2022-all-the-animation-nominees-213484.html
August 13, 2021
The short film "DEFUND" - written, produced, directed by and starring: KHADIJAH ROBERTS-ABDULLAH & ARAYA MENGESHA will be presented in the Short Cuts series at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival!
August 13, 2021
Congratulations to *CAROLYN FE*, who plays  the recurring role of  Lola on the Children's series:  "BLUE'S CLUES & YOU" - which was nominated for two 2021 Emmy Awards: BEST WRITING TEAM FOR A PRESCHOOL, CHILDREN’S OR FAMILY VIEWING PROGRAM BEST DIRECTING TEAM FOR A PRESCHOOL, CHILDREN’S OR FAMILY VIEWING PROGRAM
August 13, 2021
Sort Of, coming to @hbomax this fall - starring *ELLORA PATNAIK* in the series regular role of Raffo. #SortOfMAX
May 10, 2021
...whose episode in the GMA Pinoy TV Original series "Becoming Pinoy" (Becoming Filipino) received The Communicator Awards "Award of Distinction for Video" in the Branded Entertainment Diversity and Inclusion Category.
June 30, 2020
KB Artists Voice Performer ANAND RAJARAM 2020 Dora award **WINNER** for Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role - for his one-person show "BUFFOON" at the Tarragon Theatre!