KB Artists news!!

Congratulations to ERICA ANDERSON!!

Nominated for a prix Rideau award for Outstanding Female Performance:  – in the one-woman show “Gracie” at the Great Canadian Theatre Company!!

Kim Horsman in “BELIEVE ME”!!

Tune in to “Believe Me” on the Lifetime channel, September 30 at 8:00 pm EST. KIM HORSMAN as “Diane”

ADAM BERNETT in recurring role in “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”!!

Check out ADAM BERNETT in the upcoming “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” series – on Prime!  Premiering August 31, 2018 JR trailer

DARRYL HOPKINS nomination for Best Actor!!

Congratulations to DARRYL HOPKINS on his recent nomination for Best Actor at the 2018 Social World Film Festival – for “TOUCH“ the telegram news

SALVATION Season 2 premiere!

Don’t miss JACQUELINE BYERS, as she reprises her role as Jillian Hayes, in “SALVATION”.  Season 2 premieres on CBS at 9 pm EST, Monday June 25, 2018!!

DORA AWARD nominations for KB ARTISTS!

Congratulations to the following KB Artists performers for their recent Dora Awards 2018 nominations: KHADIJAH ROBERTS-ABDULLAH and CRAIG PIKE for: “Lulu v.7// aspects of a femme fatale” (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre) – nominated for Outstanding General Production CELINE TSAI for: “Beauty and the Beast” (YPT) – nominated for Outstanding Musical Theatre Production TAL SHULMAN: nominated

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